Basic Search

The search can be performed in the author, title, and years fields. (1)
A list of the scientific contributions presented at the ICOH conferences from 1906 to 2018 is returned.
Each element of the list shows the author, conference year, title of the contribution, and pages. (2)
Clicking on each contribution, the user can view the digitized copy in pdf format. There are three further possibilities: full-screen view; print; download in pdf format.
The search by title provides the possibility to search for a single word.
The search by the author provides the possibility to search for the surname of one or more authors, linking them with the logical operators OR and AND.
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(1) Word truncation is used.
(2) If a text is an abstract and not an integral contribution, the indication "abstract" is reported.

Full Text Search

The advanced search has all the basic search fields, plus the "BODY CONTENT" field.
In the "BODY CONTENT" field, you can search for the words that are included in the scientific contributions of all the conferences. The results are presented in the same way as the basic search. It is possible, with the "lens" tool to search for single words in the text.
You can enter two or more words by connecting them with the AND and OR operators

For the basic search, direct control of the accuracy of the authors' names and the titles of the contributions was organized. The basic search results then approximate 100% accuracy.
In the case of advanced search, the search of every single word on the full text of all conference proceedings is performed with an automatic text reading program (OCR). The accuracy of the recognition varies according to the quality of the digitized text, and therefore it is not 100% accurate (it can still be evaluated as higher than 90% on the whole of the repository, and approximated to 99% for the conferences whose originals are in best conditions).
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